Thursday, September 12, 2013

Donald's Great Adventure - At WDW For 13 Reflections of Evil

Hey there, my legions of fans! This is your lovable Donald Duck once again coming to you from the Most Magical Place on Earth, which is Walt Disney World. I'm here to check out the 13 Reflections of Evil trading event. Not sure how much I can report from here since I will be very busy greeting and meeting all of loyal fans at the event. But I will try.

I just got in this morning to my resort at the Boardwalk. I love this place, because I can just jump into the water and swim to the event at World Showplace at Epcot. In fact, I can swim faster than those ferry boats! Anyway, I just love these towel creations that I see on my bed when I walked in. I think they need to learn how to fold these towels to resemble ME! Enough with that Big Cheese already! How about giving this duck some respect?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I will need to take a nap. I flew very far to get here, and my wings are tired.


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