Thursday, June 03, 2010

Disney Counting On "Toys" Merchandise

Disney is expecting that the Toy Story merchandise to surpass Cars merchandise this year with the release of "Toy Story 3".

Since "Cars" raced into theaters in 2006, the toon has proved to be Disney's biggest mover of merchandise, hauling in more $2 billion a year. But "Toy Story 3" could easily surpass that tally with $2.4 billion in sales when Pixar's toys return to the megaplex this month.

The Mouse House is already touting the toon as its "biggest event property ever," according to Andy Mooney, chairman of the Walt Disney Co.'s consumer products division during a press call Wednesday, a week before the licensing industry raises the curtain on its annual confab in Las Vegas. "We're more than halfway through the year (Disney's fiscal year ends in September) so we feel pretty comfortable with that number," he said.

This certainly would be big, considering how amazingly hot Cars merchandise are. Still, there could be a rebound with Cars merchandise next year when "Cars 2" gets to the theater.

Luckily for me and my wallet, I'm not into these merchandise at all! I'll stick with the Disney pins craze, than you!


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