Saturday, June 05, 2010

Trading USPS Disney Pins

During our last trip to WDW, we attended a Pin Trading night at the Contemporary. During the event, we bumped into Steven Miller, the Project Manager for pin trading, and what most of us consider at THE Disney pin trading representative for Disney.

Now, a bit of a background before I proceed any further. A few weeks before we were there, during our monthly Windy City Pin Trading meet, a friend mentioned that he just got back from WDW, and a couple of cast members refused to trade with him when he wanted to use one of the US Post Office Disney pins. These are the pins created and sold at the US Post Offices during the release of the various series of the Art of Disney stamps. These cast members did not consider them to be valid Disney pins and would not trade for them.

So when we bumped into Steven Miller, we jumped on the opportunity to ask him to clarify if these are valid Disney pins, and thus, can be used for pin trading. This is what he had to say:

So yes, these CAN be used in pin trading. So if any of you encounter cast members who refused to accept these pins, you're welcome to point to this video. So there!


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