Thursday, June 03, 2010

World of Color Could Be A Crowd Control Nightmare?

That's the question being asked in this LA Times theme park blog. And I don't think that is too far off either especially if I remember how small DCA is, especially the area around the lagoon at the old Paradise Pier.

I anticipate that the first month or so will be a zoo. Still, the park needs something to keep people there well into the evening without relying solely on the World of Color.

And oh, don't miss the last line in the report. It seems that Disney has slightly renamed "Disney's California Adventure" into "Disney California Adventure". I guess it does give it a slightly different meaning. I wonder if this will permeated into all of the other "Disney's" name.


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Anonymous said...

Crowd control is a nightmare. I'm in the fast pass area right now. I had a fast pass that wasn't even checked. I could easily have gotten in without a fast pass. The pass says no lining up early. But, people lined up eat anyway and were allowed to enter the cue early! This is VERY frustrating!