Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Can The New Head Of Annie Awards Win Back Disney/Pixar?

There's a new person heading the organization handing out the Annie Awards, and he certainly has a major task of winning back Disney and Pixar to the organization.

Change could be coming to the Annie Awards with the election of Frank Gladstone as the head of the organization that runs these kudos honoring the best in animation. The recent 38th annual ceremony was mired in controversy after Pixar and Disney withdrew from formal consideration last August citing concerns with the voting process.

All I can say is that the Annie Awards without Disney and Pixar will be hollow and will have a serious credibility problem. It is in the best interest of the Annie, and also of Disney/Pixar, to iron this out. The animators, whose work these awards are supposed to recognize, are getting the short end of this debacle.


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