Monday, October 24, 2011

Disney And Pixar Are Back With The Annies

After withdrawing from the Annies Award and animation organization ASIFA, it looks like both Disney and Pixar are now back in the fold after a meeting with its current president.

"We met with all the studios, but most especially with Disney and Pixar, who had walked away from us for various reasons, mostly to do with the Annies," said Frank Gladstone, president of ASIFA-Hollywood. "I told the executives at Disney that we would do our best to fix that. We did. They wanted to come back, and most of the other executives we talked to also wanted them to come back. Not only Disney, but Disney TV, Disney Toons, Pixar. They're all back. And they're all submitting entries for the awards."
Not having Disney in an animation organization such as this will be a glaring absence. So it is good news for everyone that this problem has been resolved.


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