Friday, October 28, 2011

Not All Disney Princesses Are Created Equal

I had a good chuckle after reading this article. This mother is describing how her daughter actually will not just buy into all the merchandise with Disney princesses - she (the daughter) actually has some exact standards!

After pressing questions on multiple occasions, I’ve come to the conclusion that my daughter doesn’t prefer Cinderella’s blonde up-do. She prefers princesses with flowing locks. The same thing happens when Aurora is featured wearing the blue not pink version of her long gown on the packaging.
As we browsed the shelves of lavender boxes featuring Rapunzel dolls, games and puzzles, my daughter would grade each item based on the pose of Rapunzel. If her green eyes were drawn too big and her smile was a smirk rather than a happy grin, my daughter backed away. Right about the moment I was going to feel frustrated with her narrow parameters, she found the perfect present in the perfect packaging and dropped it in the cart — with no incident, no fit, just careful choosing.
I'd say, good for her! She knows what she likes, and she's only going to buy those and nothing else.

Someone at Disney who is marketing towards these kids should read this.


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