Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Disney "Smell"

As humans, many things trigger our memory. The sense of smell is one of them. Certain smells trigger memories of another time, another event, or another person. And as Disney fans, I'm sure there are certain smells and aromas that will bring us back to our favorite Disney theme parks.

It is well known that Disney has long used the sense of smell to hook us in. For example, walking down Main Street, USA at the Magic Kingdom, one can see these innocent looking "vents".

They are actually there to send in the aroma of candy and cookies to the guests walking by, to attract you to go into the candy/ice cream store and buy something. To many guests, such aroma bring them back to the memories of the Disney theme parks.

Now while I can certainly understand that smell association, for me, the smell that ALWAYS brings me back and reminds me of Disney theme park is the H2O products. In particular, the hand and bath soaps that we all get when we stay at a Disney resort.

This is because, for many of us (and it is certainly for me), this was our first introduction to H2O products. So the first time we remember smelling these soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel is when we stayed at a Disney resort. That, in turn, gets associated with Disney theme parks. So for me, each time I use one of these soaps (and I certainly brought back quite a few of them with me each time we stayed there), it never fails to remind me of Walt Disney World.

What smell and aroma do you associate with Disney?


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Anonymous said...

My sister associates the smell of the Bath & Body Works pocketbac that I had in my purse at Disney, which she used continually throughout the trip. She told me this on the plane ride home; I told her to keep the pocketbac so she could smell it to remember our awesome trip.

I only bought the pocketbac because I knew she'd wish she had some in the parks, and I love being able to anticipate the needs of others and magically produce useful items in an instant like Mary Poppins. "Broke a nail? Here's a file." "Got a headache? Have some Excedrin." "Lost your lipgloss on Space Mountain? Of course you can borrow mine." :)