Monday, April 23, 2012

Lead Actor And Actresses In DisneyNature's "Chimpanzee"?

So DisneyNature's "Chimpanzee" did quite well at the box office this past weekend. It took in a respectable $10.2 million. But what was amusing was the some of the results from the survey that was given to the attendees to the movie.

"Chimpanzee," Disney's fourth annual Earth Day nature documentary, captured a solid $10.2 million -- enough for fourth place. That's the biggest opening weekend among the four Disneynature pictures, beating "Earth," "Oceans," and last year's "African Cats." (However, it's not an entirely fair comparison since "Earth" opened on a Wednesday.) As was the case with "Think Like a Man" and "The Lucky One," the movie drew a predominately female crowd -- women made up 68 percent of the audience. And CinemaScore moviegoers gave "Chimpanzee" an overall "A" rating.

On a curious note, 5 percent of CinemaScore participants said a main reason for attending the film was its "lead actor." Were they referring to the film's two lead apes? Or narrator Tim Allen? Even stranger, 1 percent listed "lead actress" as their reason for buying a ticket -- and that 1 percent gave the movie a harsh "B-" grade. Clearly those individuals were upset by the documentary's lack of actresses.
Probably the same people who can't find Washington DC on a map of the US.


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