Thursday, April 05, 2012

Transporting Babies at Disney Theme Parks

This is a topic that I know nothing about. But it might be a useful thing for a new parent to know, especially if the parent is also a Disney fanatic.

This article has plenty of good advice on what is the best way to bring along babies/infant/toddlers to a Disney theme park - strollers, slings or both? I'm guessing that this can be useful to know for some people.

BTW, how many times have you seen people overpack those strollers? Some time, they have so much stuff hanging off the handle of one of these strollers that when they remove the baby from one of these things, the stroller tip over backwards! Obviously, they bring these babies to be used as a counterweights to keep the strollers from tipping over!




Anonymous said...

Strollers tip backward not because of over packing. One can of formula can cause it to tip. Babies aren't counterweights. Strollers are light weight for easy folding and transportation so if you put even something small, a good stroller WILL tip because it's MEANT to be light weight. Can you imagine pushing a heavy stroller along with a heavy child in it. That is why. Not overpacked. Packing for a child for a day is a LOT of stuff.

Laura said...

Thanks! A lot of useful info in the article.

Gillian said...

Definitely helpful tips for a first-time mom like me. Thanks!