Tuesday, April 03, 2012

On Disney Fantasy, and Fantasyland

A lot of fantasy in here.

This is a very informative interview with Disney Parks and Resort Chairman, Tom Staggs. Most of it covers the new Disney Fantasy cruise ship and what the future holds for the Disney Cruise line. But at the end, there's a short coverage of the ongoing expansion of the Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.

Back on dry land now, on the Fantasyland expansion at Magic Kingdom, which he says is on schedule.

"Every time I go down there or spend time with the Imagineers, I get more excited about the project. … Fantasyland is going to be more immersive than before; it's going to be more of a complete experience. I think it's going to be something that really delights our guests.

"We know this is a daunting challenge because Fantasyland is hugely popular. So reinventing Fantasyland, we have to take very seriously. I'm feeling very good about having preserved all that made Fantasyland so great and charming and also broadening and expanding it. So over the next couple of years you'll see it roll out a piece at a time."

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