Friday, August 31, 2012

Grand Opening Of Walt Disney World

We saw clips of this video at the D23 event - Florida Project last year during WDW 40th Anniversary. The crowd had a good chuckle at the bad outfits, and how hokey it was. Still, it certainly has a nostalgic value.

So, if you've never seen it before, or haven't seen it in a long time, here's the TV broadcast of the opening of Walt Disney World.


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Joe Shelby said...

I saw this a year or so ago. What really struck me (besides how empty the grounds are where the trees haven't grown back up yet) is how mellow and 'relaxing' it all is. From the music to the presentation, its all so laid back as to really be borderline boring.

Contrast that with the way the park is promoted today (the 7 things you must see video that cycles in the hotel rooms, for example), or with the excitement that is in ANY segment where Walt talked about Disneyland in the 60s, using much of the music that was composed for the '64 World's Faire, also used in the original EPCOT promotional video of '66. Just a world of difference.

It didn't get any better should you keep watching promotional videos through the 70s. Absolutely no excitement at all pretty much until EPCOT's premiere and then finally the Eisner/Wells era. Disney Marketing (considered in the 60s and the 90s to be the greatest in the world) was at its all-time lowest then. No wonder the company was in trouble.