Friday, August 24, 2012

Wi-Fi At EPCOT and the Cruise Line

DisNews reports that free wi-fi is now available at EPCOT.

Also, this story talks about the wi-fi and Internet Cafe on the cruise ships.  The good news - wi-fi is available.  The bad news - there's a charge, and it looks like it could add up if you're not careful.  So, the whole ship is like a floating Internet cafe. When not using the wi-fi, you should be sure your device is completely off, or set to "cruise ship" mode (sometimes called airplane mode if you can't find cruise ship mode).  Here are the shipboard rates quoted from the article. 
Internet Rates
Internet/Wireless Internet Access
For sailings less than 7-nights:
Pay as you go - $0.75 per minute
50 min for $27.50 ($.55 per minute)
100 min for $40 ($.40 per minute)
250 min for $75 ($.30 per minute)
Internet/Wireless Internet Access
For sailings 7-nights or longer:
Pay as you go - $0.75 per minute
100 min for $55.00 ($.55 per minute)
250 min for $100 ($.40 per minute)
500 min for $150 ($.30 per minute)
 There is a $3.95 charge per message to send email from your shipboard email account, but no charge to receive email.


Joe Shelby said...

Know what your airplane mode does. In the case of Android 2.2 devices (e.g., HTC Evo (Sprint)), airline mode still keeps wifi available.

The other thing to do is even while you're online, be sure to turn off background updating and refresh each app you're using directly when that is what you need (e.g., it reduces FB's checking for notifcations/alerts, gmail updates, new software update checking, etc, all those things you don't know your phone does 'til you see the alert).

I do this when I'm on data roaming in Canada to avoid huge roaming bills for the times that I really need internet.

ZapperZ said...

This is good timing. Since many of us will be there next week for the Pin event, it will allow us to bring our tablets and notebooks with us to the World Showplace, and look up PinPics right then and there! :)