Monday, August 06, 2012

Mystery Illness linked to Wild Africa Trek

This story  in the Orlando Sentinel Daily Disney talks about a mysterious illness that hit many people who were on the Wild Africa Trek tour at AK.  The Orange County Health Department is looking at people who took the tour in June and July, with the first report reaching the Health Dept on June 11.

Investigators have documented "several dozens of cases" of illnesses among guests who took the Disney tour in June and July, said Dain Weister, a spokesman for the Orange County Health Department.
The source of the illness remains a mystery.
"It appears to be some kind of stomach bug," Weister said. "It could be food-borne, it could be water-borne, it could be something that's passed on person-to-person, it could be something that's picked up by surface."
Weister said all evidence so far suggests the illness "was confined to this one excursion" and not widespread within the rest of the Animal Kingdom theme park, which draws approximately 9.8 million visitors a year. 
 The kitchen that makes the meals served on the tour was inspected and no problems were found.  The most likely source of the illness seems to be common items such as binoculars that were handled by people on the tour.  Some people were very ill and most people got over it in a few days.  Of course, a "few days" could be most of the trip spent in the bathroom.  Based on this reporter's first hand experience, and other known incidents of similar illness at WDW, the traveler would be strongly advised to take precautions against this kind of thing.  As Disney jams the parks with millions of people, your odds of getting sick seem to be going up.

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