Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Lighted Ears - just the beginning?

Disney seems to be on to a good thing with the new lighted ears that can be turned on in synch with shows and attractions.  Recently seen in use at DLR's World of Color (see ZapperZ's post on 6/15), the ears have great potential. has an article sort of buried with many others in this page,  and it is quoted in its entirety below.  Only a little imagination is needed to picture the parks after dark once the ears take off. 
(7/2/12) Screamscape sources tell us that Walt Disney World management is absolutely drooling over the possible sales potential of being able to sell the Glow with the Show Ears at some point in the near future. You can catch a great video of the Glow with the Show Ears in action at the World of Color show at California Adventure in the video clip here. The new electronic mouse ear hats are being sold for about $24 at the moment, and WDW merchandise’s eyes are just twinkling with dollar signs at the idea of being able to make these things work in some fashion at every big night spectacular at WDW.
    As such, the rumor mill about possible new show concepts is buzzing at full tilt right now with ideas for a new Illuminations show at Epcot, ways to add them into the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom, Fantasmic at the Studios (or a new show), or the long rumored Rivers of Light concept for Animal Kingdom. Right now it seems the quickly way to get the Ears into the park ASAP would be as an enhancement to the Magic Kingdom’s current nighttime lineup of Wishes, The Magic, Memories and You, and possibly even added in as a way to plus the eventual return of Spectromagic when Main Street Electrical Parade leaves once again. (Spectro was previously rumored to possibly return in 2013.)
August 10th update - the mania is starting and it looks like the ears will be huge.  See this story  from DisneyParksBlog.  Fantasmic at DLR will soon incorporate the ears.

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