Monday, October 22, 2012

A Tender, Loving Moment On The Disney Dream

I take A LOT of photos during our Disney trips. It is not uncommon that, upon reviewing these photos repeatedly (even old ones), I find new things that I didn't notice before. Often they are amusing, funny things in the pictures.

However, this one is a bit different because, after almost a year since I took the photo, and after looking at it at least a dozen times, I just noticed this rather heart-warming scene. This is from our Disney Cruise in early December of last year (2011) on the Disney Dream. The scene here is the lobby during boarding time late morning. I forget if I was in the glass elevator, or on the 2nd level of the lobby (Deck 4?) when I took this.

Initially, the focus of this photo is on the glorious chandelier. So for the longest time, whenever I look at this photo, my eyes were drawn to the chandelier, and the cast members lining up the entrance to welcome the ship guests as they board.

However, look at the very center of the photo. I've only recently noticed (like yesterday) what appeared to be 2 people hugging each other. So I thought "Oh, what a sweet moment!", and decided to zoom in digitally and see if this is the case. This is what I found:

So it isn't two people, but rather, three! It appears that this is either a Dad hugging his two kids, or a husband, wife, and kid hugging each other. I can't make out clearly the taller person on the right.

Now, because of the graininess of the photo, I don't think I'm violating their private moment here since I don't think they can be identified. But when I saw this, my heart melted. It is such a tender moment, and my head swirled in trying to come up with a story that led to this. Are they savoring the joy of the moment of being on the ship together?

Wouldn't it be an amazing coincidence if these people actually found this blog entry, recognize themselves in this photo, and contacted me? :)


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