Sunday, October 07, 2012

Disney's RFID Bracelet

We have more info on a new technology that Disney could possibly be pursuing - RFID bracelet that could be worn by park guests.

The bracelet, called "Magic Band' is battery powered, is designed to be disposable, and includes the now familiar NextGen Mickey logo and what appears to be the wearers name for easy ID in groups. The RFID bracelet will be the driving force behind much of Disney's NextGen initiative, which includes ticketless park entry, ticketless FASTPASS, attraction personalization, touch-to-pay purchasing and more.
The possibilities with this technology appear to be endless.


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Joe Shelby said...

My fav "possibility" - protection of children. If it tracks leaving as well as entering (which no doubt it will so they can account for everybody possibly hiding out still in the park) it means that kids are generally even safer. Should a kid get separated, a castmember can quickly read off the rfid and call it in and the parents can call in as well and get almost immediately reunited.

And should the unimaginable happen (a kidnapping on property), well they can alarm the tag for the kid so if any attempt to leave was ever tried they would be caught immediately (or if they tried to leave without the tag by cutting it off). Hospitals have been using this type of security for years now in maternity wards and nurseries - if the tag is ever cut or the kid is not where they should be, all elevators immediately lock 'til they can track things down.