Thursday, October 25, 2012

Startup problems at Be Our Guest restaurant

The EPCOT Explorer's Encyclopedia has this story about problems at the Be Our Guest Restaurant in the new Fanatasyland.  The story talks about the new RFID rose that servers will use to bring a guest's order to them. Also the new RFID ticket wristband is planned to be used to order food in the near future.
As charming as this is, Be Our Guest has already begun to run into some major issues during their few test dining periods. The building was designed and redesigned hastily during the construction process with the interior locations being reworked and the type of service the restaurant would offer – both full and quick service – changing more than once during the construction period. This had led to the kitchen being smaller than needed and the workers utterly frustrated with the situation. There’s no place to store hot prepared foods and everything else is choked by a lack of proper workspace. The 580-something seat location is strained because it has a kitchen equipped to serve far less than that.
 This makes it sound like Disney concentrated on being able to seat large numbers of people, and forgot that this is supposed to be a functioning restaurant.  We'll see if these issues get worked out, but it might be that the whole quick service/full service concept is going to be difficult to manage.

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