Friday, October 26, 2012

Disney Cast Members Sometime Have To "Fake It"

A new scholarly study[1] conducted on Disney cast members has a non-surprising news.

But the research found that while deep acting was more successful, a key strategy Disney employees use frequently to manage emotions is "surface acting." With surface acting, according to the study, employees display "company-imposed emotions not genuinely felt," or pretty much fake it. (The term 'surface acting' is also used that describe how nurses, physicians, waiters and actors likewise put on a fa├žade to show empathy).

At least at Disney, surface acting was shown to cause employees to more likely experience 'emotional exhaustion' than those employing deep acting. At the same time, surface acting is seen an option if genuine feelings aren't attainable.
When they don't feel like it, they fake it!

I said that this isn't surprising because this occurs in other profession too, as has been mentioned. And the fact that the guests areas are considered to be "on stage" means that the cast members are required to "act" in front of the guests to provide the Disney experience.

I some time wish other businesses pay attention to such things when their employees are in front of their customers.


[1] A. Reyers and J. Matusitz, Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health v. 27 (201)

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