Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Special shirts for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Steven Miller posted this article on the Disney Parks Blog about new shirts designed for the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game at WDW. 
“When guests wear one of these shirts while adventuring, their spells will hit with maximum force,” he explained. “Although this does help with the harder levels of the game, it doesn’t mean they will win instantly. Guests will still have to know the correct cards to play against each villain, but all their spells will cast at ‘Master Sorcerer’ power level.”
The shirts will be available at several locations in MK, but not at the online store,  once they are released in mid-October.  I predict that these shirts will be very hard to find for a while.  Being connected to the Sorcerers game and close to Halloween means they will be gone in a flash.

Many of us who have been playing the game were aware of the possible different levels of spells, but that feature wasn't activated yet.  So, one spell was as good as another.  The quote above strongly hints at these levels being in effect, or soon will be.  This adds another dimension to the game that will require further study.

The "cool" attire at MK will be Glow Ears and a Sorcerers shirt.

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