Thursday, November 05, 2009

"A Christmas Carol" Review

Whoa! Roger Ebert gave "A Christmas Carol" 4 stars! And not only that, he liked the 3D movie, considering that he has not been very convinced about this technology before.

I remain unconvinced that 3-D represents the future of the movies, but it tells you something that Zemeckis' three 3-D features (also including "Beowulf") have wrestled from me 11 of a possible 12 stars.

I like the way that Zemeckis does it. He seems to have a more sure touch than many other directors, using 3-D instead of being used by it. If the foreground is occupied by close objects, they're usually looming inward, not out over our heads. Note the foreground wall-mounted bells that we look past when Scrooge, far below, enters his home; as one and then another slowly starts to move, it's a nice little touch.

I'm seeing this on Sunday .... in 3D of course!


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