Tuesday, November 03, 2009

More Disney Parallels For Our New House

It is amazing how, when you become a fan of something, that you start seeing how your life is acting out with many connections to that something. I've mentioned earlier how the house that we just bought was from another family who are also Disney fans. You can't plan those. It just happens.

But here's another one, and it is breaking our hearts.

We have a salt water aquarium, with several fish and sea creatures inhabiting it. I think they are all happy. The tang fish has been in there for at least 10 years and have grown considerably since we got it. All the other creatures in there have been there for a while too. About 5 years ago, we got a couple of clown fish from a neighbor, and they have been swimming around happily since.

Well now, a couple of weeks ago, we noticed something that looked like fish eggs attached to one of the rocks in the tank. Guess what? One of the clown fish had just laid eggs! Let me tell you that I've never heard of clown fish laying eggs in captivity, and certainly not in a house aquarium! That just blew us away. But then, reality sank in and I suddenly felt utterly terrible - WE ARE MOVING IN A WEEK!

We will have to drain the tank, transfer the fish and the rocks to plastic bags, transfer them to a temporary holding tank, while the rest of the aquarium gets moved! The eggs are not going to survive! Suddenly, the scene of the barracuda eating the clown fish eggs in "Finding Nemo" flashed through my head, and I felt sick! We are going to be the barracuda!!!!

I'm not sure what to do. It is such an unfortunate timing! We are going to talk to someone at one of the tropical fish store and ask if there's anything we can do to save the eggs, if not all, at least a few. I have no idea how long before the eggs hatch, and even then, can the baby clown fish survive the traumatic event of a move?

The joy of moving into a new house has now been tempered down considerably.


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