Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No More Pin Trading Tables At Downtown Disney?

(Thanks to Ralph for discovering this rumor)

It seems that we have unconfirmed reports that the pin trading tables right next to the Pin Station in Downtown Disney has been leveled. No more pin trading tables! Can someone who was there within the past 2 days confirm this?

The pin trading activities at that spot had been restricted severely during the past few months. It included limiting pin traders to only one pin trading book and to only one table. They must have had problems and issues with pin traders (or sharks) at that location for them to institute these restrictions. These restrictions don't exist at other pin trading tables in the parks as far as I know.

I've made a few trades with pin traders there, but never anything substantial, and never brought my own book to stand there and waiting for people to come and trade. So I won't say that I'll miss it.


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DisneyFans said...

We arrived at Disney World yesterday primarily for my husband to do some pin trading. Imagine our disappointment, after an 8 hour drive, to find there were no pin trading tables at the Downtown Disney Pin Store. None of the castmembers in the Pin Store could give a plausible explanation. So now my husband is off to EPCOT hoping to find some activity there. We are avid Disney fans, being annual pass holders and vacation club members, and visit Disney World several times a year. But we don't recall seeing any mention of a plan to pull the tables from the Downtown Disney location. We have noticed though that Disney has not been producing nearly as many pins this year as in the past. So, is interest in pin trading wanning? Is it the economy? or other problems such as the overly zealous pin traders that frequented the Downtown Disney location? We did an internet search to see what we might find out and found this website.