Saturday, November 28, 2009

Disney Stores Report Brisk Friday Morning Sales

Looks like Disney Stores' strategy of opening just past midnight the day after Thanksgiving might be working quite well. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the stores are making brisk business during those early hours.

"This is a really good start to the holiday season," said James Fielding, president of Disney Stores Worldwide, part of Disney Consumer Products, a segment of Walt Disney Co.(DIS).

Roughly 130 of Disney's 205 stores opened at midnight, Fielding said, and those early-openers have performed well. Sales are up double-digits over last year as of noon eastern time, he said.

"We're really, really happy with our results," Fielding said. "The midnight opening stores are really pulling for us. We're cautiously optimistic about pulling out the whole day."

Let's see how well it does the rest of the holiday season.


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