Saturday, October 31, 2009

A House Passes From One Disney Family To Another

Sometime, the passion and love for Disney permeate into real life and could often provide additional magic, even far away from the beloved theme parks.

Some time in early September, we began looking in earnest for a house to buy. While we had talked about buying a house for a while, it was one of those situations where it is now or never. Interest rates were quite low, and of course, the housing prices can't be any more attractive than they are now in such a buyers market. And while we certainly were aware of the tax credit, we were not going to rush into buying something just so we can get a tax credit. Nothing's worse than buying something THAT BIG and expensive for a lousy $8000, and then learn that one doesn't really like the house.

So with our real estate agent, we went looking around on a Sunday. On the second Sunday and on our second day of looking, we walked into this house that was nice and all, but we also noticed a few hints here and there that this could be a Disney family. There was just one picture of the family on a console table showing them in front of Cindy's castle. I went "OK....". Then, went we went upstairs to look at the bedrooms, two of the bedrooms sealed the deal. The boy's bedroom had "Cars" border, and the girl's bedroom had Disney Princesses border. There were also Disney character plushes on the bed.

Immediately I said to myself, "This is a sign!". No other houses that we've looked at had any Disney items that I could remember, but it was not as if I was looking for them.

In any case, in the 2 days that we went looking, this house was simply the one that we both liked the most. After a second viewing, we put an offer the following Wednesday.

Well, guess what? We closed on the house last Thursday! It is now ours. Since then, we found out a bit more about the family that owned that house. They are probably as big of a Disney fan as we are! Turns out that they had a lot more Disney stuff in the house, but their real estate agent wisely asked them to de-personalize the house for staging purposes. I found out that they go at least once a year to WDW, and they may even be a DVC member because we found a DVC vacation planner booklet that they left behind. They were also using Disney paints in the kids' rooms!

I remember telling their real estate agent at closing to tell the family that their house has been transferred to another Disney family. So essentially, this house has been passed on from one Disney family to another.

And that's the way it should be.....


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