Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Sum of All Thrills" Opens At Epcot

A new attraction opens at Epcot's Innovention pavilion. The Sum of All Thrills, sponsored by Raytheon, is a virtual roller coaster attraction that guests can design for themselves.

"Our aim is to show kids how math and engineering make the things they care about really come to life and happen," said Kristin Hilf, vice president of Raytheon public affairs.

The ride begins, after a tutorial, in a design room. On a touchscreen computer, visitors pick a vehicle shape and determine how fast the ride should go based on ascent, inversions or corkscrews.

The information is saved on a magnetized card strip and fed into the simulator, where visitors experience the track they just designed. The cards are imprinted with numerical identifiers kids can use at home for a Raytheon educational Web site with more math and science problems.

Hum... wait a second. Other than the educational aspect of the attraction, isn't this virtually identical (pun intended) to Virtual Space Mountain at Disney Quest?

Still, this might be a cool thing to do, so I'm certain going to try it when we get there in ... er.. 48 days!

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