Thursday, October 22, 2009

Seeing Your Friends In Disney Articles

It is one thing to see pictures from Disney websites and Disney stories of people you recognize by sight. It is another when you see pictures of your friends, or your friends being mentioned in Disney articles. It tells you that you hang around a lot of Disney fanatics, just like you! :)

During the last D23 Expo, a couple of my good friends got their pictures taken and published in the D23 Expo blog. It is the 4th picture here of the "first family" in line to get into the Expo. I know 2 of them very well and know of another (i.e. I've seen her a few times but don't think we've been formally introduced). So that's one.

Well now, today, one of my friends (waves at Ralph) told me that the pin article by Steven Miller on the Disney Theme parks blog actually mentioned him, but not by name! He wrote about the most popular pin (if there's such a thing), and mentioned this in particular:

Another Guest took great pride explaining what it took to trade for a complete set of 10, red Doombuggies from Disney Summer Pin Festival 2009.

Yup! That's one of my buddies alright! :)


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