Thursday, October 29, 2009

Donald's Great Adventure - Disneyland, D23, and Club 33

I finally get to give a more complete report of my trip to the left coast this past September. I visited my old stomping ground, the Disneyland Resort, and had a wonderful time meeting my fans.

So where does a big celebrity like me stay at Disneyland? Why, the Grand Californian, of course! I get treated like a Prince when I'm there. They even fluff up my feathers after my bath. And oh, for your information, I have a yellow rubber human with me when I take a bath, thank you for asking.

Very nice lobby, don't you think?

Very plush bed as well. And yes, I got the whole bed all to myself.

Then it was time to go to the D23 Expo, and I got swamped by all my fans. They were just eager to get their pictures with me. Here's one.

I got to see a lot of things at the D23 Expo, and hopped onto a few things as well.

Can I just say that these Vinylmation Mickeys scares the feathers out of me?

Then it was time for me to have my dinner at Club 33. Of course, they were expecting a Disney legend like me and we got the best table in the house. But before that, they wanted me to inspect the menu, which can be mistaken for a small family album.

"Hello? You would like a reservation at Club 33? Sorry, we are full now, and there's a 3-month wait for a table."

I finally got to my table. I didn't need to look at the menu. I knew exactly what I wanted. "The usual, please!". They know me very well here.

Ah, couldn't wait for the food to arrive. I was starving. I could have eaten a whale!

{burp!} I couldn't believe I ate the whole thing!

In fact, I feel quite bloated now.

I went back to the Expo after dinner to make my appearance. Besides, I have to go see the wonderful sculpture that they did of me. Don't you think these will look fabulous right in front of all the Castles at Disney theme parks?

I then went on one of my favorite attraction at Disneyland - the Haunted Mansion. The only thing I don't like about this ride is that there's no ghost ducks.

Ah, it was a wonderful trip to Disneyland Resort. I certainly would come back or these fans will suffer not having the Donald Duck in their presence.


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