Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back in Reality

We got back late last night. It was a cool, 50-degree Chicago weather. It wasn't bad (I like cooler temperatures). Still, we left a perfect day in Orlando.

It was a wonderful vacation. I still have plenty of pictures to upload, especially from the Destination D: Florida Project event. And of course, Donald also has a few more of his adventures to report.

The pleasant surprise bonus was our chance at preview Star Tours II. I knew that when I saw cast members manning the entrance, and with a bunch of guests, who had the look of knowing what's going on, already crowding the entrance, that something good was going to happen. And it did. Star Tours II looks amazing, and certainly smoother than Star Tours I. The storyline is a bit choppy. Now I know that there are several different storylines, so one could have different ones on each ride. The one I had had the pod race and the race into Death Star. It just appeared as if these things were put together randomly. The scenes just jumped from one location to another for no apparent reason.

In any case, I'm glad we got to at least preview this since we won't be able to go to the opening tomorrow. I heard that George Lucas and Anthony Daniels (C3PO) will be on hand at the opening ceremony. If you plan on attending, may the force be with you. The crowd will be huge.

Anyway, I'll need a day or two to catch up, and then I'll post more pictures and reports from this trip.


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