Friday, May 20, 2011

Hidden Mickey Found On This Last WDW Trip

So I was determined to find Hidden Mickeys that I haven't found before while I was on this last WDW trip. And I found more than a few! Here they are:

This first one is in the miniature village next to the German pavilion at Epcot. The flower bed on the ground is the classic Mickey head.

This next one is not that easy to spot. There are two groups of clouds, one on top of the other, to the right of the Brown Derby sign. Look at the cloud on the bottom. Along the top of the cloud, there's a classic Mickey head slightly tilted to the right.

This next one is easy to spot. It is in Artiste Palette, and it is on the gate/railing along the walkway from Artist Palette to the Turf Club restaurant.

This one is easy to spot because there's a lot of it. It is one of the paving bricks on the ground outside of the entrance to The Magic Kingdom. The clapper for the bell has the classic Mickey head.

This one was a chore to find. It is on the mural at the Contemporary on the Concourse level, and on the side that faces AWAY from the monorail, i.e. the side that faces Bay Lake. A classic Mickey head can be found on the markings on the owl.

This next one we happened to notice without even looking for it. I'm not sure if it has been there all along, but considering that we rode the ferry many times, I'm surprised we haven't noticed it till now. This is what you can see if you ride the ferry back to the TTC from MK, and you're on the top level. As the ferry is pulling into the dock at TTC, look on the left side. You'll see a coil of rope in the shape of a classic Mickey head.

This last one is something I've already spotted, but I forget if I've shown it on here. So for completeness sake, I'll show it since I took a picture of it. It is in Mickey's Philharmagic, and the French horn has a classic Mickey head.

We also found the Hidden Mickey in Sci-Fi Dine-In theater restaurant, but it was too difficult to snap a picture in the lighting that was there.


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