Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Similar, But Not The Same

During our last trip, we were walking around Downtown Disney through Pleasure Island when we saw this group of musicians performing in front of Fulton's.

They were good, but I thought they sounded "familiar". In fact, to me, they were "trying" to sound like the group Rondo Veneziano. If you're not familiar with this group, they take classical, natural instruments, and while they do play classical-type musics, they inject a bit of pop into it. They have performed at Epcot before, so they certainly are not strangers to Disney.

I tried to see if I could figure out the name of the group. Maybe they were Rondo Veneziano Lite since Rondo is a rather large group, while there were only 3 musicians that I could see performing that evening. But since there were quite a crowd, I decided to continue with my stroll that evening.

However, on the way back, the crowd has dispersed since the performance was over. But there were still people associated with the group that were packing up. So I walked over to a table where they had the group's name and a few of their CDs. I found out that the name of the group was Nova Era. The person by the table proceeded to introduce me to the group and the nature of their music. I then told them that they sounded like Rondo Veneziano. She then replied that they were "better" than Rondo Veneziano. Another person nearby mentioned that two of the members of the group were, in fact, former members of Rondo (that kinda explains why they sounded similar).

I decided to purchase one of their CDs on the spot. It's titled "Millennio". I'm sorry to say that I'm not impressed. It sounds "processed", and could possibly pass as Muzak. Rondo Veneziano sound fuller and richer, and certainly has a lot more melodies that one can actually remember. Try listening to the Rondo's album "Papagena", for example. In fact, I used one of their tunes as the soundtrack to this video that I edited:

So whole Nova Era may have styles that are similar to Rondo Veneziano, they do not have the memorable melodies of Rondo, and they certainly sound more "artificial" than Rondo.


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