Monday, May 16, 2011

Donald's Great Adventure - At Distination D : Florida Project

Hello my loyal fans! Donald Duck here once again reporting from the just-ended D23's Destination D : the Florida Project. I had a great time meeting all of my fans at this event. I couldn't walk barely 10 feet before having to sign autographs and having my picture taken. My fans certainly didn't get enough of me, especially when the D23 people didn't even schedule any of the other Disney characters to be present. So I was the only one representing the "Company".

Here's one fan that couldn't get enough of me. Disney historian Paul Anderson had to have a picture (or two) with me. Here he is with his infamous spear that he used during his presentation at this event.

And here he is with another prop - the grape jelly. Of course, he had to make me sit on the jar!

If you don't get any of this, don't worry. You had to be there. Paul, you are a hoot. I'll see you next time I fly out to the Disney Family Museum.

Do you know that I'm am such a huge star that even Disney Legends are part of my legions of fans? It is true! These Disney Legends were just thrilled to have their pictures taken with me. You all know Tony Baxter, don't you? He's a great guy, and we always talk about the good old times whenever we get together.

And here's my good buddy Tom Nabbe. He's another fun guy to chat with.

And finally, my longtime buddy and a terrific imagineer, Bill "Sully" Sullivan. Good to see you and that wonderful mustache of your again! It's almost as silky as my feathers!

Ah yes. It was a fine evening. They didn't do a full-length tribute to me, but that's OK. I'm sure they won't forget that next time, right Steven Clark?


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