Friday, May 13, 2011

Trading USPS Disney Pins - Part 2

In an earlier blog entry, I mentioned of a friend who had trouble trading pins with cast members using the USPS (US Post Office) Disney pins. At one of the Disney Pin Trading Nights event, I bumped into Steven Miller and flat out asked him, on video, whether these pins are legal to be a trading pin.

AS you can hear from the video, he clearly stated that these ARE valid pins, and can be used for pin trading.

Well, this "denial of trading" (DOT) finally occurred to us. We were about to trade with a Cast Member at a DVC kiosk at Hollywood Studios yesterday, and he won't accept a Post Office Disney pin. He told us he was instructed not to accept such pins. Of course, we mentioned that he should check with Steven Miller, and that we have it on video of him indicating that this is a valid pin. But of course, this is moot because who would want to play a video then and there. So we simply used another pin to trade.

The issue isn't that a pin is valid for trading or not. The issue is the uniformity of policy. As I've mentioned several times, nothing annoys a customer (or guest) more than when you get different answers from different people. It certainly drives me nuts when something like that happens. You just don't know what to think or do in such cases.

And yes, we have used the pin elsewhere, and it was accepted for trading. So who knows...


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