Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Disney Dishes At Target

{Thanks to Patti for the link}

There are several Disney-designed dishes at Target. It looks like these are all plastic, but BPA-free. So these should be suitable for either outdoor parties, or to be used by children. I have seen a few (such as the black Mickey head ones) in the stores, but most of these are not available there and can only be purchased online.

Speaking of BPA-free, how come Disney is rather late in producing plastic dinnerware that is BPA-free for their merchandise found at their theme parks? Most of their plastic plates, cups, drinking bottles, etc. don't seem to be BPA-free at all. Now compare this to what you are beginning to see locally, even at your local supermarkets BPA-free items are starting to be easily found and more prominent.

Disney needs to get its act together and get with the program.


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Jeff C. said...

Good point about the BPA-free slowness.

And on a related note to the post, I picked up one of the black Mickey head bowls on Monday for $2.99.

I still haven't made it to Tuesday Morning though - hoping this weekend.