Saturday, January 14, 2012

Donald's Great Adventure - At Saratoga Springs Resort

Hello once again, my legions of fans! This is your lovable Donald Duck reporting from Saratoga Springs resort at Walt Disney World. This is my home away from home, and I'm often treated like the royalty that I am whenever I'm here.

I'm a morning duck. I like to waddle around in the morning just to get my exercise. Plus, you know what they say about those early birds, don't you? So here I am wondering around the resort near my room and inspecting the grounds. It is a bring and sunny day.
Of course, being a duck, I am automatically drawn to the water. I always love looking out across to Downtown Disney. Hey, have you been on that balloon ride? During my younger days, I can fly way higher than that balloon.
I decide to look around the pool near my room. This is not the main pool at SSR, but it is still very nice, and at this time of the morning, very, very quiet!
They have these frogs that spit incessantly.
Ah, that was such a pleasant walk. I think I'll rest for a while and get some z's out here in the sun. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my quiet morning here at SSR.


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