Thursday, January 19, 2012

President Obama Heads To Disney World

No, not to ride Thunder Mountain Railroad, but to talk about US tourism.

So today, here at the Magic Kingdom, President Obama will announce plans to turn that around by such measures as simplifying the process for obtaining  tourism visas, and adding an estimated 100 more consuls in countries such as China and Brazil.

The president is taking  such  actions through executive order, as part of his “We Can’t Wait” initiatives, which he says are necessary in the face of congressional gridlock.
But what scares me is this part:

In countries like Brazil when girls turn 15 they get to have a big party or go on a big trip. Executives at Disney World say that because of visa delays, the U.S .has missed out on thousands of these would be princesses. President Obama will announce that in addition to reducing the visa wait time by 40 percent, many of these girls will no longer have to have  interviews to apply.
Oh no! Does that mean that there will be more of them??!!!!! Run! Hide!!!

:) :)

Edit: We now have videos.


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LisaInWonderland said...

wish i was still working there to see all the commotion! my friends who are still working there said it was manic!