Sunday, January 08, 2012

Donald's Great Adventure - At Castaway Cay

Ah, my fans are clamoring for me to post more of my wonderful trip on a Disney cruise. I will not disappoint them.

This time I was at Castaway Cay, the amazing Disney private island in the Bahamas. The weather couldn't have been any more perfect. I could let my feathers air out in the nice, warm weather, and be fluffed by the gentle breeze.

Here we are walking from the Disney Dream towards the fun area of Castaway Cay.

We get to see how big this ship is when it is viewed on shore.

I'm at the family beach and one can still see the ship from here.

But I much prefer the calm, quiet area. So here we were at Serenity Bay where only adults and respectable folks like me like to hang out. Ah, this is the life. Just look at the calm, turquoise water.

But out of the blue, while I was lounging in the sun and minding my own business, look who showed up! And of course, just like any other mortal soul, Captain Jack Sparrow is also a big fan of The Donald (and I had that title way before the Trump Man, thankyouverymuch!). So naturally, he was too thrilled to have his picture taken with me, even when his "co-pirate" didn't think it was a good idea.
He invited me to go with him on his pirate adventure - something about finding a chest, a fountain, or the edge of the world (I couldn't understand his mumbling). But I had to decline since I don't want to lose my luggage on the Disney Dream.

But soon, it was time to head back to the ship. It was such a gorgeous day spent on the island.

Good bye, Castaway Cay! I'll be back soon!


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