Friday, July 08, 2011

For $399,000, You Can Buy Replica Of "Up" House In Utah

I'm not kidding. It appears that a builder has built a replica of Carl and Ellie's house from "Up" in Herriman, Utah. And it is for sale for $399,000.

The outside of the house is painted in vibrant sherbet shades, and comes complete with Carl and Ellie’s hand-printed mailbox and custom-made garden hose reel. Builders had to make some small modifications, Bangerter explained, as the laws of physics don’t apply to cartoon buildings. The chimney and fireplace have been tweaked in the real version so they actually match up, and the house is a narrow rectangle, rather than a square. With an upper story and a finished basement, it comes in at a roomy 2,800 square feet. Asking price is expected to be $399,000.

The details continue inside, with a painting of fictional Paradise Falls over the mantle and a custom-built fireplace. The upstairs nursery has the same mural Ellie paints in the film, and Carl and Ellie’s armchairs have been custom ordered. The house is being built as it appears early in the movie, when the couple first married, Bangerter said.
 OK, this is bad, because I'd rather have the stuff they put in the house rather than the house itself! :)

Now, how may balloons, do you reckon, it would take to life this house?

Anyway, it might be nice to take a look at the house, especially before it is sold.


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