Friday, July 29, 2011

We're In For "Room For One More"!!

Holy cow! We got tickets for "Room For One More" event! How lucky is that?

So now we are definitely planning on going. And not only that, they have updated the merchandise list for this event, and boy oh boy! I'm going to be poor after this one. There are some really amazing stuff they've put up for sale at this event. But towards the end of the catalog, it looks like they are including some generic WDW 40th Anniversary merchandise! I mean, Main Street Electrical Parade? The Shooting Arcade? What do those have anything to do with Haunted Mansion?

Looking at the itinerary, I'm a bit disappointed that there is no provision to give attendees a special ride-through of the Haunted Mansion itself during the event. Maybe they'll update the activities as the event gets closer, but if this is it, I'll be a bit disappointed.


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