Monday, July 25, 2011

Slow Changes At Pleasure Island

I reported a while back about changes to Pleasure Island being stalled while they "rethink" some of the plans. This news article expanded that a little bit more and described some of the changes that was done, those that were planned, and those that might no longer come through.

To me, there still isn't a flow between Marketplace into Pleasure Island. It doesn't feel as if it is one continuous walking area that you just want to stroll along. There is almost an abrupt transition, and it makes me want to stop and turn around. In Marketplace, as you walk from one end to the next, there's always something just ahead of you that always makes you want to move forward to see more. There's hardly any area where you don't quite see what's ahead of you that makes you want to continue to walk forward. This isn't the case with the transition from Marketplace and Pleasure Island. While this transition is necessary when Pleasure Island was either charging admission, or when it was completely an adult entertainment area, this abrupt discontinuity is a flaw if they want to increase foot traffic from either Marketplace or West Side.


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