Thursday, July 07, 2011

Johnny Depp Plundering In The Big Bucks For "Pirates"

Johnny Depp is raking in the big bucks for the "Pirates" franchise. Some reports are indicating that he made $280 to $350 million for the entire "Pirates" series.

He’s earned close to $350 million from the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced franchise, according to an individual with knowledge of his deals.

Disney disputed the sum, calling it "highly inaccurate" but declined to provide any details.

Another individual close to the franchise said the number was closer to $280 million for the four Pirates combined.

Whatever the actual figure is, it is more than what most of us can comprehend. But then again, he's supporting his agent, lawyer, press agent, etc.. etc. After those and taxes, I'm sure he's only taking home $12 and some change.



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