Thursday, December 01, 2011

2011 WDW Holiday Trip and Disney Cruise

Can't believe it. After planning this for more than a year, our WDW trip + Disney Cruise are about to happen!

We will leave for WDW early tomorrow morning, and spend a couple of days down there before driving to Port Canaveral for our 5-day cruise on the Disney Dream. I can't wait! There's a large group of us from the Chicagoland area going on this trip/cruise, including two of our friends who are living in the Orlando area.

What is extra special is that there are two of us (including yours truly) who will be turning the Big Five-Oh in very early January next year. So this is our Birthday Cruise! We decided to do this early December because it is CHEAPER than having a cruise over the New Year. Besides, flying or driving out of Chicago in late December is a very dicey thing to plan!

As usual, I'll try to blog "live" of our activity on here. I hope I can figure out how to do that correctly on my new Android phone (the last time I posted a photo from the phone, it came out upside down!). I will not be doing any updating while on the ship (I'm not buying the international roaming plan just for this trip). Also, don't forget that Donald will be going with me and will be doing his Great Adventure trip report. He too is exciting to go on the Disney Dream, especially to see his glorious sculpture and the Aqua-Duck!

I can't believe I haven't finished packing already.....


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