Friday, December 30, 2011

Disney Merchandise at Tuesday Morning

I don't go to "Tuesday Morning" usually, but a friend told us that there were a few good quality and "cheap" Disney merchandise on sale there. So like any Disney fanatics who has run out of room to store even more Disney stuff, we had to go and take a look. And lo and behold, there were a number of Disney stuff that weren't bad at all, and certainly at prices that were quite acceptable.

The first is this set of dessert plates. They were Christmas plates, and so, were also on sale on top of their low prices already. They are actually quite attractive because they have that vintage look. I could find 4 different types there, so I don't know if the whole set has more than just these. The regular price is $4.99 per plate, but with the 50% off on all Christmas items, I paid $2.49 a piece. Not a bad deal at all.

We then found a bunch of mugs. This is the one we bought (since we collect Donald). It is $4.99 each. There were other mugs with Pluto and Minnie.

Then there were these travel mugs. All of them are made of ceramics with rubber lids. They look like they are well made, with double-walled insulation. They were $7.99 a piece.

All in all, not a bad deal for these things.



Jeff C. said...

I never would have thought to look there. And luckily we have a Tuesday Morning just a few miles away - yay!!

Thanks Zz for the head's up.

ZapperZ said...

Let me know what you found.


ZapperZ said...

I was told yesterday that there IS a Mickey plate. So there's at least 5 in this set.


Jeff C. said...

Figures, we finally made it over there today, only to have them closed for inventory......grrr!

Jeff C. said...

Hi Zz -

Finally made it over to Tuesday Morning this morning....and guess what!?! They still had some of these!

We got a few plate, a big bowl and a cereal/ice cream bowl.

They had the Mickey small plates like the ones you have here. I picked up an extra in case you wanted one to round out your set.

If you do and are comfortable providing your mailing info, just shoot me an email or a private message over at the WDW for Grown-Ups site. I'd be happy to send it to you (free of charge :))