Friday, December 09, 2011

Donald's Great Adventure - Gingerbread Creations

Hello there fans! This is Donald Duck again reporting from the Most Magical Place on Earth. I did a quick tour of the marvelous gingerbread creations at various resorts here in Walt Disney World.

The first one is at the Beach Club. They continue to have this carousel of gingerbread. I asked if I could ride one of the horses, but they wouldn't let even a Disney legend like me on it. So kids, don't even ask! You have no chance.

I then hopped over to the Boardwalk. Hey, isn't that me stuck up that chimney? And what is Stitch doing in my living room?

A quick transfer to a bus got us to the Contemporary. I always love their gingerbread tree. I spent a few minutes looking at it while munching on a gingerbread cookie.

Next, a hop on the monorail got me to the Grand Floridian. They, of course, have this huge gingerbread house, and they sell cookies and gingerbread out of it.

After all that hopping and gingerbread cookies, I was stuffed!


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