Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Disney Christmas Day Parade

Did you watch this year's Disney Christmas Day parade? You did? How was it? I didn't. I wrote 2 years ago that I'm done with watching this sham of a "parade". There's very little parade, and too much stuff that I am not interested in. My guess is, it hasn't changed, so there is no reason for me to watch it anymore.

I'm just glad that the parade they normally hold at the theme parks don't have breaks such as this where someone goes on stage and perform while the rest of the parade either stops, or get passed by. When you advertise something as a "parade", one would think that the BIGGEST part of the show should be..... er .... let me think about this ...... hang on .... I know, THE PARADE ITSELF!

But then again, isn't this what you get when you watch American Idol, where the actual singing competition is actually quite short? Or for that matter, the Olympics telecast, where the actual sporting competition is a minor percentage of the air time?


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