Saturday, September 11, 2010

Could "Tangled" Be A Best Animation Oscar Contender?

It is not finished yet, but still, the work-in-progress "Tangled" received an early small press screening. The early word so far is that it has been enthusiastically received, leading to speculation that it could be nominated for an Oscar for Best Animation next year. This is quite an endorsement for something that is only "60%" complete.

That’s right. Wednesday Disney did something studios never do unless they know they have the goods. They flew in several members of the press--mostly those who cover animation for outlets with long lead times--to see the first ever screening of the big Thanksgiving holiday release Tangled. The musical weaves a new take on the Rapunzel fairy tale, in what represents Disney’s milestone 50th animated feature since Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs in 1937. John Lasseter told the gathered press, “You can feel the pride people in this studio have in Tangled. We just couldn’t wait for people to see it.”

It’s looking like there will again be five nominees for Best Animated Feature this year. Based the deservedly enthusiastic press response to the work-in-progress print shown yesterday, Tangled could easily be among them. As will Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 3, which remains the 800 pound gorilla in the race. Dreamworks is already aggressively campaigning for How To Train Your Dragon.

This should be interesting. I wasn't that enthusiastic to see this movie, even though I did plan on it. But now, I'm curious with anticipation.


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