Friday, September 10, 2010

River Country Site To Make Way For A DVC Resort?

A new rumor today that is being reported is that Disney is considering the site of the old River Country water park for a new DVC resort. The new resort will supposedly be themed on the "old Buffalo Junction plans" from many years ago.

The new timeshare project’s design will be “based on the old Buffalo Junction plans from years ago,” Screamscape said. The shelved Buffalo Junction project — also called Wilderness Junction — was to include a 600-room resort along the southern coast of Bay Lake at Walt Disney World next to the River Country water park, which was open from 1976 to 2001.

I didn't know that the DVC resorts are doing well enough during these tough economic times that Disney is considering building a new one. I'm a DVC member, so it is always nice to hear about new DVC resorts, but honestly, I'd rather see new attractions, expansion of current theme parks, or even a 5th gate! Those, universally, are more of interest to us Disney fans.


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