Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vacation As You Wish

This past week and through the weekend, Disney held a special DVC event "Vacation as you wish" in Downtown Chicago. It was held at the Arie Crown Theater in McCormick Place convention center, which was rather unusual. Typically, all DVC events are held at Woodfield Mall (often in the Improve Theater there), where it is close to the Doorway to Dreams center inside the mall.

So a group of us diehard fans went to the event last Sunday. While it was fun, it wasn't anything spectacular. I think after a few of this, we kinda have heard all the spiel already. It was more of an enjoyable time to get our Disney fix.

So they didn't invite that many for each of the session. In fact, I'd say there were around 30 people in our session, and they intended it to be that small (but in that big of a theater?). I think many of their sessions were completely full since they were limiting them to that small of a number per session.

In any case, it was rather strange to walk into a very empty lobby of the theater. There were plenty of signs, of course, directing us to the event.

There were vocal entertainment, and the wish'meister (or whatever he was called) was there. I think I've seen him already in a similar Vacation as you Wish event at the Contemporary when we saw a preview of BLT.

After the presentation, the area behind the stage opened up, revealing our favorite Disney characters (where was Donald??!!!), a DJ, and plenty of snacks to eat.

Goofy came over and sat at our table for a few minutes. We had a lovely chat.

We got a few gifts at the event. Besides the usual DVC bag and folder, we also got a pair of binoculars, rice crispy treats, and luggage tags.

We left rather early while the festivities were still going on on stage.

It was a fun time, but one can tell that the incentives were not as enticing and generous as they were a couple of years ago.


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