Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Last Ride to Endor

D23 members gave a rowdy farewell to the Star Tours attraction at Hollywood Studios tonight. There were 225 members that registered to be the final riders on the attraction. We received a boarding pass, a final Fast Pass, and a Star Wars coin set when arriving. We were then led through the closed park to Star Tours by a group of Storm Troopers. There were plenty of opportunities for photos of the ride and all it's elements. They placed all the attendees in line and everyone rode the attraction at the same time. We even had a pair of the Storm Troopers in our section! There were lots of cheers at the start and end of the trip. I don't think I've ever risen the attraction with such an appreciative audience.
As we exited the attraction, we were given a special Star Tours Final Ride patch from D23. Cast Members holding lightsabers surrounded us as we exited through the gift shop for one final photo opportunity.
So, farewell to the original Star Tours! Guess we'll have to wait for Star Tour 2.

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