Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Million Vinylmations!

I blogged during my last trip that one of our friends on that trip was selected as the person who purchased the one millionth vinylmation. So for all of us, that was the biggest news of the whole trip. He and his companion got a bunch of stuff (plenty of vinylmations, obviously), and also got their registration fee paid for for next year's pin event. Good deal!

Anyway, here are finally pictures of the ceremony. According to Phil (he's the winner in the picture), he was still stunned.... not that he was selected, but the fact that they sold 1 million of these things! :) :)

Congratulations once again! Someone in our group at this pin event always wins something these past few years! This year we had Phil with the big prize here, and Pat getting selected to play the Pin, Lose, Or Draw game. Previous years we had Gene, Chuck, and Ralph getting selected to either play a game, or win a prize. We have to keep the good karma going next year.

Thanks to Phil and Diane for the pictures.


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